Boiler Shell Layout Design Automation

Client Background

Client is a 50:50 joint venture between two global players, one of which is the world leaders in converting biomass into energy

Design Process Analysis

After thermal calculations, the designer of boiler shell has the most challenging task of finding the optimum shell diameter which will not only accommodate the given number of tubes but also satisfy the other design parameters like sinking time, steam space calculations etc. The mathematical model is very complex and the final diameter is computed by trial and error method.

Our Solution

PARAM developed software in which the complete Shell layout Design is automated for the client. This includes - Sinking time calculations, Steam space calculations, Shell Design Calculations, Tube Plates thickness calculations, 1st Pass Tubes & 2nd Pass Tube calculations. Based on the design calculations initial boiler shell diameter and number of tubes are decided. Optimization of shell diameter to fit the given number of tubes is a challenging task. With the logic developed by PARAM Team, the software optimizes shell diameter ensuring best fit for the given number of tubes and the constraints and then checks again the water head and volume for the given shell diameter. If the parameters do not match, the shell diameter is computed again.

The software generates the following outputs :
  • Tube Placement Boiler
  • Shell Elevation showing all accessories connected on it
  • Weldment Drawings
  • BOM in MS Excel Format
  • BOM in CSV Format for uploading it into SAP


  • Saves a considerable amount of time in Design Work for placing the tube in boiler shell.
  • Gives the optimum Diameter of Shell, which in turn, saves the cost of raw material and fabrication.
  • Significant Reduction in Design throughput time.