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Knowledge Based System for Thermo-Compressor Design Automation

Client Background

Client is in the business of building steam engineering and control instrumentation solutions that work for process industry. It operates in 35 countries around the world, through manufacturing facilities and sales offices.

Design Process Analysis

Design Team uses AutoCAD software for Design of various equipments like boilers and thermo-compressors. Client has a very efficient Design Team, able to create extraordinary outcomes through their Drawings. Client has grown from a modest, Mumbai based trading company to a multi-divisional, ISO 9001. This was compounded by an increasing workload on the design team and hence to set a new standard for productivity, they moved towards automation of these drawings. After that they experience a high degree of expertise in time management, and apply it on most of the projects.

Our Solution

PARAM developed a Software Tool for Automation of Thermo-Compressor Design. All necessary parameters are input in the software, it performs design calculations, like No. of Diffuser Cones applicable & their Sizes, BTS Pipe Size, Thickness Calculations etc. With these calculated parameters, it fetches the design data of the Slandered Parts from XML database. The software then validates the Database parameters and calculated parameters and prompts message and warnings if applicable.

After all the necessary calculations and validations, the software delivers the following outputs -Assembly Drawing, Part Drawings, Six Sigma [Inspection Report] File, Excel BOM, SAP BOM [CSV Format] & Routing File [CSV Format] to upload BOM to SAP without manual intervention.


  • It has a high degree of expertise in time management for Designing of Thermo-compressor
  • Drawings and BOM can be released without further checking.
  • Significant Reduction in Design throughput time which helps to deliver product before due date.