CAD Customization - CAD Automation

cad customization

CAD Customization in a way can be achieved by developing a software tool within your existing CAD Software. Typically, the aim of CAD Customization is to facilitate creation of models and drawings in the CAD software using design logic, or adding utilities and compare cost of different products etc, It can also be referred to as Design Automation.

Additionally, a CAD Software can also be customized by developing a Stand Alone software which collaborates with the CAD Software under consideration for customization (provided that your CAD software provides an API).

Apart from the utility benefits mentioned above, the CAD Customization also helps in provide extra features, utilities/ Value addition. (E.g. changing GUI, adding menus, or developing macros to take several steps with a single button click).

Why a CAD Customization Is Needed?

Even if a Design Software is in place, your Design team may be spending a lot of time on checking the drawings. The rework also follows by. This in turn increases the Order Cycle Time.

On the other hand, if you implement a CAD Customization/Design Automation solution, it would provide you automatic generation of all your drawings 100% ready for manufacture and the BOM in various i.e., CAD format, excel format and in any other format as per your requirement. This saves a lot of time of your design team which in turn would boost your productivity considerably.

Your Design managers who may be ending up with meeting their project targets by putting excessive efforts in designing the equipment/product could save their time and spare some time for R&D activities aimed at improvising your product.

Key differntiaters CAD Automation:

Few Design Software provide a facility to do basic CAD automation by using parametric modeling. Other practices include, writing the logic in excel, and then if you change the dimensions, the design can be changed in the design software accordingly. However, these practices won’t help you much when your design process is intricate and involves much complex and inter-dependent logic.

Whereas, we have successful client case studies where we have provided best-in-class software solution for even much more complex CAD automation /Design automation.

We Provide Customization In The Following CAD Software:

  • BricsCAD
  • Solid Edge
  • CREO
  • STAAD.Pro
  • Solidworks
  • Hyperworks / Hypermesh
  • And all other software which provide API. (Our Technical Team would communicate with your IT Division or find it ourselves if you provide access to your software. If your Software is a generic product and is conveniently available in the market, we can explore its details through our channels/internet, and let you know if the customization is possible.